My best friend and co-author Norman Frohlich (1941-2013)

Norman Frohlich suffered a massive stroke on June 22, 2013.  He died on Thursday, June 27.  His contribution to my work, my life, my family is without measure.  His search for understanding human nature, ethical clarity, and a strategic path to the creation of a more decent social order was foundational to all our work.


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Here's a relatively recent resemblance.

I had a wonderful career as a researcher and teacher at the University of Maryland.  Retired and emeritus since July 2010,  I am currently involved in doing things that I have wanted to do but no one in their right mind would dream of paying me to do: writing fiction and poetry for example and going back to my hobby of photography and baking good bread.

I was born in New York in 1941.  At Mamaroneck High School a number of teachers whetted my appetite for theoretical work including Markowitz, Kruger, Wright, Rock, and Warneke. After getting a degree from Cornell in 1963 (where I was fortunate to have guidance and help from Professors Lowi, Hacker, Shibley and Lewis) I went for an MA in Economics at the University of Michigan and, after serving in the military from 1965 to 1967, received my PhD from Princeton University in 1971.  There I began a career long intellectual collaboration with Norman Frohlich.  I have taught in the Government and Politics Department at the University of Maryland since 1976, arriving here from the University of Texas.  With the late Mancur Olson, we founded the University of Maryland Collective Choice Center.  

More personal stuff

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