NON ACADEMIC Activities:    
    “Salvation Army,” Honorable Mention 2013 Adult Short Story Contest of the Bethesda Urban Partnership and Bethesda Magazine.
    Prof. Oppenheimer has received honors in both teaching and research.  
    Most recently he was selected as a keynote speaker for the SBS Future of Korea conference and telecast (November, 2011) where he discussed social justice.  
    As a teacher, he has won more than a half dozen awards at 3 institutions of higher learning.  At Maryland these include citations by the University, the college and the department.  Furthermore,
•    His efforts at improving the overall undergraduate program of the Department were rewarded by the department receivng 1995 Lily - CTE Departmental Excellence in Teaching Award - Honorable Mention for  innovations  developed in the undergraduate program.
•    He was made an Honorary Member of National Golden Key Society in recognition of my contribution to Undergraduate Education, 1994.
•    A former undergraduate student has endowed an annual scholarship (adminsitered by the Department) in honor of his teaching, advising, and mentoring of undergraduate students.
    As a scholar, he has won (along with his co-author Norman Frohlich) of the 1997 Duncan Black Award, for the best article published in Public Choice, during the calendar year of 1996.  His books have received been well received with his first book, Political Leadership and Collective Goods, co-authored with Norman Frohlich and Oran Young: chosen as one of the outstanding books of 1972 by Choice Books for College Libraries.
    His software which was among the first to simplify the writing of computer based social science experiments for both researchers and students, has also been praised.
    In differing versions they won inclusion in 1990 and 1987 in IBM’s Catalogue of Outstanding Educational Software.  One, (VOTE) was a 1990 finalist for EDUCOM/NCRIPTAL National Educational Software Award.  Another, (C&C) was one of 2 finalists in the 1988 APSA software contest, was a 1987 finalist for EDUCOM/NCRIPTAL National Educational Software Award.
      He has been the principle co-investigator for 3 NSF grants and 3 Humanities and Social Science Research Council of Canada Grants, and 2 Project Fulcrum (IBM/U Md. advanced education project).