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Capitol Hill
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Mid-Term Information
Department of Government & Politics Home Page
List of Suggested Links


Congressional committees:
Senate Appropriations Committee
House Appropriations Committee

Congressional Party Organizations:
House Republican Conference
House Democratic Caucus
Senate Republican Conference
Senate Republican Policy Committee
Senate Democratic Leadership Committees

Congressional Coverage:
The Hill Newspaper
Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report

Official Legislative Home Pages:
Thomas, the Library of Congress (a great source for research on Congress)
U.S. Legislative Branch
U.S. Senate
Senate Calendar of Business
U.S. House of Representatives

Political Parties:
Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee
Reform Party
Libertarian Party
Patriot Party

UMCP Libraries Sites:
UMCP Libraries World Wide Web Site

Policy Information Sites, etc.:
Maryland State Archives

Executive Branch Sites:
The White House
Dept. of Agriculture
Dept. of Commerce
Dept. of Defense
Dept. of Education
Dept. of Energy
Dept. of Health & Human Services
Dept. of Housing & Urban Development
Dept. of the Interior
Dept. of Justice
Dept. of Labor
Dept. of State
Dept. of Transportation
Dept. of Treasury
Dept. of Veteran Affairs