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Seminar in Empirical Research, Spring 2005

Tuesday 3:30-6:00 Eric M. Uslaner, x 54151, euslaner@gvptsites.umd.edu

Download the syllabus

Download the STATA Datasets

1996 American National Election Study

Cross-National Data Set from Uslaner Trust Manuscript

1996 Giving and Volunteering Survey

Los Angeles Times Ethnic Chinese survey

European Social Survey

Download the course exercises

Adobe Acrobat version main file

Adobe Acrobat version secondary file

Word third file

Readings and Resources

Course readings file (GVPT828B.ZIP)

"Sex and the Single Voter"

"Robust Regression"


STATA resources

Stata tutorial (PDF)

Stata commands (in Word)

Stata4Dummies (very dated but still useful)

Geoff Layman's Stata tutorial

Gary King's Clarify manual