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The Uslaner family in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia in August, 1998. From left: Ric, Avery, Debbie

Avery at the Governor's Fishing Derby in 1996. Fishing is Avery's passion. Picture courtesy of the Montgomery Journal. Yes, he was in the newspaper before he was eight years old, so no wonder he's not impressed when his father is quoted by the press.

 Avery at home at almost 10 years old: November, 1999 (picture taken by Melissa Gates)

Avery and Debbie in our living room: November 1999

(picture taken by Melissa Gates)

Ric, Avery, and John Gates (Avery's godfather and Associate Professor of Political Science, University of California--Davis, and human father of our beloved late springer spaniel, Bo) at home, November, 1999.

picture taken by Melissa Gates


Here we are at Disney's Epcot in 

Orlando, August, 2000

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